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RunDeanRun Challenge

Are you feeling blah and unmotivated? Want to inspire and energize yourself to achieve new fitness goals?

Get ready for the RunDeanRun Challenge! No matter who you are or where you are starting from, everyone can think of their own personal “stretch” goal … something you want to achieve that goes beyond your current fitness capabilities and performance.

To be effective, your stretch goal must be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Based). For example, your goal could be:

  • Total Distance – Run, hike or walk a specific number of miles or kilometers in a day, week or month
  • Total Vert – Run, hike or walk a specific number of feet or meters of elevation in a day, week or month
  • Personal Record (PR) – Run your fastest time on a specific route in a month
  • Personal Streak – Run or walk a specific distance every day in a month
  • Strength Training Streak – Strength train a specific number of times in a week or month
  • Pre-hab Exercises – Complete the pre-hab exercises you are supposed to be doing every week

You choose whether your challenge is private or public. If you want to challenge yourself and keep it private … awesome! If you want to challenge friends or family to achieve the same goal by motivating and inspiring others … also awesome! The RDR Challenge is about doing whatever it takes to get you moving and grooving.

You choose the start and end date for your challenge anytime between now and August 31, 2020. Track your progress during your challenge using any tracking device and upload your activity to fitness apps such as Strava, Garmin Connect, etc.

How do I register for the challenge?

  • If you are a RunDeanRun client, there is no cost. If you aren’t a RunDeanRun client, the cost is $15 (for the buff and shipping).
  • Email your name, mailing address and SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Based) goal for your challenge to
  • We will send you this awesome RDR Buff with pace conversion table, Lost Soul Ultra Training Run distances and No Excuses Motivation!
  • What happens at the end of your challenge? Snap a pic of the successful completion of your challenge (based on the honor system) and send it to so we can celebrate your success!