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The Standing Athlete – Nose to Toes

Let’s get your musculature organized while standing so that we can replicate it when running. This 5 minute video (courtesy of Kelly Starrett of will get your feet straight, butt tucked, abs engaged, shoulders/blades aligned, and head up (and out off…)! This mental exercise and will be exhausting (but with big payoffs). As my wife/coach tells me: “Make Better Choices!”

Your queues are:

  • Feet straight ahead
  • Butt squeezed (relax to 20% engaged) to¬†correct your anterior pelvic tilt (butt tucked)
  • Abs squeezed (relax to 20% engaged) to further support that pelvis and bring the rib cage down slightly
  • Shoulders externally rotated (palms out) with some tension in the shoulder blades
  • Head up and just move your eyes to look downward

This can help with lower back pain for most adults. This is also a primary focus when you start to get fatigued in longer runs (you release the abs and glutes which allows you to hang off that anterior pelvic tilt – butt sticking out). The lower back needs to work hard along with the hamstrings covering for the lazy glutes.

So, if you hear me calling you “Lazy Ass”, you know to “Tighten-up” and get focused for better running.

Addendum: Here is a video of some mobility exercises to help relieve back spasms before you pop meds.

Do you need a Running Coach?

Do you want to take your running to the next level? Are you in a running rut? Do you need objective and honest feedback from a running mentor?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may benefit from a running coach. A coach can:

  • Design a customized training plan based on your current fitness level and future goals.
  • Integrate running drills to improve running strength, economy, and injury prevention.
  • Develop a race plan with detailed pacing and fueling strategies.
  • Recommend appropriate cross training activities based on fitness level and schedule.
  • Introduce you to new training methods and workouts.
  • Encourage you to listen to your body’s feedback.
  • Help you find the optimal balance between training stress and recovery.
  • Work with you to reach your running potential.
  • Provide a breadth of experience and knowledge.

Please contact me if you need a Running Coach. I am eager to contribute to your running success.

Coach Dean Johnson