Why hill repeats?

Many races advertise a “fast and flat” course however, this does not mean “flat as a pancake”. It is very common for courses to have rolling hills and if you have not trained for these elevation changes, you may feel like you are scaling a massive mountain every time you encounter a hill. Around Lethbridge you can experience rolling hills along 11th or 12th Street South, between 6th and 10th Avenue.

Hill repeats can make you a stronger, faster and healthier runner by:

  • Improving your leg muscle strength.
  • Quickening your stride (uphill).
  • Expanding your stride length (downhill).
  • Developing your cardiovascular system.
  • Enhancing your running economy.
  • Protecting your leg muscles against soreness.
  • Being a replacement for sprint workouts.

You can reap the benefits of hill repeats very quickly.  In as little as six weeks of regular hill repeats, you can expect a significant improvement in your muscle power and speed.

Here is a short video on the benefits of hill repeats:

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