I just started “running”. Now what?

If you are between the Learn to Run program and the Marathon club, you have some options for the next step. If you just enjoy running and have no urge to “race”, then just enjoy running. Be mindful of changes to your running intesity and volume by not doing too much, too soon, or too often. A good rule of thumb is to limit your changes to 10% per week (how fast, how often, and how many miles).

If you want to improve your running:

  • Set a running goal such as entering a race, keeping up with a friend/spouce, or running faster than your dog or 10 year old.
  • Choose a training plan that incorporates your current fitness abilities, running goal(s), and a strategy on how to fit this into your busy calendar.
  • Consider joining a formal or informal running group that meets your specific training needs.
  • Attend running clinics or camps to learn more about proper running technique and drills.
  • Read running books, magazines, and online resources for inspiration and training strategies.

For assistance with any of the above, consider the services of a personal running coach.