Let me help you achieve your running goals:

  • Getting faster
  • Moving up to a new distance
  • Returning to running after injury
  • From couch to 5k
  • Road, trail, or mountain races

I will develop a personal training plan to help you achieve your running goals while recognizing you have a life outside of running.  Whether your goal is to complete a 5K, Marathon or Ultra, I will develop a training plan that is designed for you, in your life.  All you need to do is to complete a Running Goals and Lifestyle Questionnaire and I will develop a training plan with a specific target and structure for every run.

Outside of a training plan, I can also provide personal coaching in:

  • Individualized workouts.
  • Running fundamentals, running drills, or running strategies.
  • Pacing for optimal training and racing.
  • Reviews of your current running plan/training.
  • Running form analysis (outdoors).
  • Functional Movement System screening to assess risk of injury and provide follow up assignment of correctives.

To contact Dean at RunDeanRun Personal Coaching, please email